The Heritage Lakes community traces its heritage back to Abram Glore and the 1830s. Abram Glore was a surveyor who lived in Household No. 235 of DeKalb County, Georgia. In 1832, he surveyed and purchased approximately 440 acres in Cobb County. A pioneer settler of Cobb County, Mr. Glore moved his family to what is now known as Mableton. He built three log cabins, the third of which was built in 1841.

Abram Glore transferred a portion of the land to his son John T. Glore, who passed the land on to his son John P. Glore. John P. Glore owned approximately 240 acres and operated a dairy farm, Glore Dairy, on a portion of the land including the Heritage Lakes land. Glore Dairy remained in operation until the 1950s. The Heritage Lakes land was used primarily for cattle grazing.

In 1959, 100 acres +/- of the land was transferred to John P. Glore's son, Harry E. Glore, who moved with his wife Georgia T. Glore into a hunting lodge nestled on the edge of the lake while their permanent home was being built. Harry Glore and his wife Georgia lived in their all brick home until his death in 1990. Georgia T. Glore maintained 40 +/- remaining acres until 1996 when the Glore Trust sold the land to her great-nephews, Charles Griffin Rogers and Stephen Richard Rogers. The Rogers brothers combined the 40 remaining acres with 20 acres of former Glore land they purchased in 1992 to create Heritage Lakes.

Charlie and Stephen Rogers are also the developers of Glore Crossing, a 40 +/- acre community just around the corner from Heritage Lakes, off of Glore Road.

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